Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road Rage anyone?

So, I was reminded again today why I hate people. As I was driving in the local "big city" on my way to drop Mr. X off at an appointment, I came upon a stop light at a busy intersection... No big deal, right? WRONG!! I had my van full of my loved ones but that didn't seem to matter to the lady that didn't think she needed to obey the law and ran her stop light right in front of me. I saw her approaching the intersection and questioned her out loud as she turned into my lane and sped off. At first I did the hand up gesture, as if to say, "WTF" and then I was done. But, Mr. X mentioned that I didn't need to get mad because people are just stupid. I told him I wasn't then he said, "well, I am.". For some reason, I became consumed with that horrible anger toward her and felt that the lady should pay, or at least be stopped and reminded of the proper driving laws.

I recalled a time in my earlier days when I was aquainted with some women that had done just that, gone after someone that pissed them off while driving. At the time, I was schocked to hear their stories, the chase, the cursing, sometimes even a punch or two. These weren't crazy teens, these were women, with children! I could easily see how road rage can get out of hand though. We put our lives in the hands of other people all the time, just by leaving home. It's something I've often forgotten but was unpleasantly reminded of this morning... So, to you, the lady that didn't slow down for the stoplight nor even stop at the red, I just hope you know that you nearly hit us, a van full of precious lives. You aren't a worthy driver and I hope you never come that close to hurting someone again! So, screw you! Nothing is worth what you could have taken.

My dad always told me to be an offensive driver and today, it saved my family's life.

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