Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can you say, OMGosh!

So, I forced Child #2 to go to his last game of soccer this evening. We were packed in the van, nearing the field, he was dressing on the way, and it happened... He forgot his cleats! Living 30 minutes away from the field has given us a run for our money most game nights, but tonight it was agonizing because we were just a few miles away when he realized he didn't bring them. Of course I couldn't get over the fact that last night, after he finished wearing the shoes for another hated event, t-ball, I reminded him to put his shoes in his soccer bag... and then again this afternoon, I reminded him again to get all his stuff together.

Talk about irritating! I was going to make him sit there and watch his team with their final game but it was hot and I didn't feel the need to torture the rest of the kids, and Mr.X who was still in his shirt and pants from work. So, we left.. and that was that!

I'm desperately trying to empower my kids to do things for themselves because I hate, hate, hate being a hoverer, a helicopter mom, a nagger, etc. I have enough of my own issues to deal with without having to worry about shoes, or this or that.

Oh, and mower man came today and the yard looks lovely!

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