Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do you say about that?

Online gaming... Yes, it's created to be addicting to some extent, but do those creators really think of the ramifications their actions have? Do they realize there are actually people that take the game too far and can't stop playing? Those people play and play and play until they've mastered each an every possible option the game has to offer; they make excuses to get out of doing things so they can play the game, ways to avoid life experiences and responsibilities, so they can fulfill their daily fix.

Mr.X has fallen victim to online gaming.. or would it be better put, my children and I have. Mr.X does his best to only play the game after the kids are in bed, at least some of them anyway. Since most of our children are still fairly young, he ends up spending about 4-6 hours a night playing. Amazingly he is able to work and even function, but give him a minute of silence and he zonks! On the weekends, he likes to sneak off and play a little here and a little there and if it's raining, he's a goner. Child #1 is fairly outspoken about the issue and often shares opinions about the subject which only leaves Mr.X and Child #1 upset. It's a hard situation that has added a lot of sadness to our lives.

How does one cope with it? I don't get to be a spouse to Mr.X because as soon as the kids are in bed he's unavailable. I can talk to him but there's no guarantee he'll respond nor remember what I've said. We can't plan anything with any certainty because he can't commit that much time to anything. He's wasting away our relationship and it's very, very unfortunate.. our children deserve better and the man he truly is knows that.

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