Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mow is me..

Life is busy here, I have more than 2 children, less than 5. Keeping up with them is a full-time job but I also work. My significant other, Mr.X, is a busy worker also. For some reason, he doesn't feel the need to mow the lawn. Much to my frustration and irritation, he would rather just stay inside and chill in the A/C and let the lawn grow into the town's only jungle. As it sits, he has yet to mow at all this year!!!

I was tired of waiting for him to find the motivation to deal with the yard and was fearful I might lose one of my small children in the great depth of grassy wonder, that I took on the challenge again this week. It was a nice evening and all the kids were asleep or busy. I secretly enjoy mowing, but I would never admit it to Mr.X. I've always thought of it as a rite of passage into home ownership and enjoyed the loud, but quiet time while mowing. I'm thankful for having a home that actually has a yard, with grass, and a lawnmower that works.

So, I'm out mowing... a local mowing company truck passes me and pulls into the neighbor's driveway.. Grrr! Yes, I could pay to have him do all the hard work, but I like my money and I want to keep it, I also want to use the mower that Mr.X purchased last year instead of letting it go to waste. So, I happily continue on my way, keeping my rows nice and straight, back and forth, forth and back, thinking of how nice the freshly cut grass looks and smells. And cursing Mr.X for not being more considerate of my allergies and carpal tunnel syndrome!

An hour and a half into the mow, I got a little too close to a drainage pipe.. crunch! Death to the mower.. or at least temporary paralysis.. What to do?? Why me?? I was simply mowing the yard, being responsible for my blessings.. Mr.X was inside so I made my claim for his time.. "Mr. X, I need your help. I broke the mower." Mr.X being busy with his usual evening event, online game play, doesn't want to leave the cool confines of our home but manages to take a second away from the ever so important gaming world to report that "it's broke." Um, duh.. I think I realized that when it wouldn't start and the pull cord wouldn't let me pull it! Mr.X wasn't very helpful, especially when he said "I'm not a mechanic, I can't fix it!" Bleap, bleap, bleap!! So, I push the stinken' mower back to it's home and pick up the rest of the toys that #1 child didn't pick up. Tomorrow, I'll have to call the local mower man.. Maybe while he's here he can fix my mower!

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