Thursday, June 25, 2009


Is it just natural for kids to balk the system? Do they just come out, born to say "no, I don't want to!"

Having more than one child causes a lot of drama, but when it comes to accepting my decisions, they can NEVER agree, nor do I expect them to, but GEEZ!! Give the mom a break already!

Child #2's new statement is, "Mom, you can't make me do anything!" What do I say to that? You're right Child #2, but I don't have to let you come to the park with us; I don't have to let you have ice cream after dinner?

What do I say when it comes to doing activities that they originally wanted to do and went into with great excitement and anticipation and now, suddenly don't like them, don't want to ever do them again, don't even enjoy them a teeny little bit.. but they sure would like doing something else? Ugg!

Given the fact that I'm an educated person, fully aware of how children grow and learn, I most likely know the answers to my questions and should be able to handle the situations appropriately, but sometimes, I forget.. sometimes I find myself bursting with frustration.. And today is no different! haha So, today Child #2 is laying down for a rest, even though he hasn't taken a nap in a couple years. And when he decides that he doesn't want to cooperate, I'll just grin and say it's for the greater good of our existence (at least my sanity anyway) 8~)

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